Best We Can Parenting Session 3: Checking In Without Checking Up

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, BStrong Together is honored to partner with the Barrington Area Library for Best We Can Parenting - a new virtual parenting series to help parents navigate the challenges of our new world.  For more information and to register for upcoming sessions, visit

Naturally, in the midst of a pandemic, we are all concerned about our kids.   Are they safe?  Are they learning?  Will they be ok?  

In Best We Can Parenting Session 3, Dr. Cheryl Peterson - an educator, gifted specialist, and parent of dyslexic kids - shared insights into learning during this challenging time of COVID-19 and some tips for checking in with your kids to help support them as they navigate their new learning environment.  She reminded us of a wonderful message being shared on social media:

Questions from the session include:

  • My child seems to be crying one moment and then happy the next.  How do I respond?
  • As a family, we have been following the social distancing rules mandated by the state.  But I am hearing from my middle and high schoolers that kids are getting together, etc.  Do you have any creative ideas for my teens to get together safely?
  • It’s hard for my kids to sit still to get their work done. Do you have any ideas how to help?
  • I have one child who seems to have too much work to do and just can't seem to keep up with it all, and the other who is bored and doesn't have enough to keep them busy.  What suggestions do you have?
  • My child isn't managing their time well.  What do I do?
  • How do I manage, or better yet avoid, power struggles over school work with my kids?
  • Should I be worried if I feel like my kids aren't learning everything that they need to for the start of school next year?

Resources for Session 3

Check-In on Emotions

Move Your Body - Grow Your Brain

Play - Have Fun!

Habits - Routines

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