Best We Can Parenting Session 4: Everybody's Got Something

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, BStrong Together is honored to partner with the Barrington Area Library for Best We Can Parenting - a new virtual parenting series to help parents navigate the challenges of our new world.  For more information and to register for upcoming sessions, visit

We know that managing life at home is hard right now as we try to meet everyone's needs and manage lots of emotions.  During this session, we welcome Dr. Melissa Katz, Clinical Director of the Samaritan Counseling Center of the Northwest Suburbs and pediatric therapist, to talk about strategies for helping parents and kids learn how to use "detective thinking" to identify and reframe their negative thoughts during these difficult times.

Questions from the session include:

  • If I am not sure what specific thoughts are causing my negative mood, how do I figure these out? 
  • How do you get over the feeling that others have it way better than you during this time- either due to job loss, financial worries, kids being really bored etc.?
  • How do you determine if your thoughts or mood are normal given the circumstances or if they are more concerning? 
  • If I practice this way of thinking, how long will it take for me or my kids to notice a change? 

Resources for Session 4

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How to Reframe Negative Situations so They Create Less Stress

Reframe Worries: Help Kids Change Their Thinking

Identifying and Reframing Negative Thoughts 

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