Best We Can Parenting Session 5: Coming of Age During Coronavirus - Supporting Our Seniors (High School and College)

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, BStrong Together is honored to partner with the Barrington Area Library for Best We Can Parenting - a new virtual parenting series to help parents navigate the challenges of our new world.  For more information and to register for upcoming sessions, visit

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on our high school and college seniors. The loss of graduations, final sports seasons or fine arts performances, the opportunity to celebrate and say goodbye to friends, classmates and teachers - combined with the uncertainty of future college or work plans - has created many complex and difficult feelings.  We will be joined by therapists Lisa Schultz and Allison Hanley from Barrington Youth and Family Services to talk about how you can support your high school or college senior to manage the difficult emotions surrounding their disappointment, grief, loss, and uncertainty.

Questions asked during the session include:

  • How can parents encourage resilience? 
  •  How do we manage our own feelings of loss of graduation and celebrations while supporting our kids?
  • How can parents acknowledge and celebrate special accomplishments and moments like graduation
  • My teen was very social, spending lots of time with friends, had a job, was involved with clubs at schools - and now they are stuck at home. I’m a little worried that he is depressed. How do I know when to be worried?
  • My child is on her screen all the time and has a really strange sleep schedule now. Should I be imposing more strict limits or let it go for now?
  • How do I figure out what are my feelings as a parent vs. my teen's  feelings (or am I projecting my feelings onto them?) so I respond with what is best for them vs. what meets my needs?

Resources for Session 5

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