BStrong Together Multi-Media Library

We will continue to add multi-media presentations to the BStrong Together library that are helpful to children, youth and the adults in their world, and which are relevant to our mission of enhancing the health and well-being of our community's children and youth in mind, body, and spirit.

Author and speaker Jessica Lahey expains the value in mistakes, the gift of failure, and the importance of the growth mindset.

Wharton School professor and author Adam Grant explains how parents can help children  build resiliency and normalize adversity by asking for their advice when you are facing a difficult situation.

How stress affects your body.

The importance to taking care of our mental health before it reaches stage 4.

Author Julie Lycott-Haims explains how to raise successful kids without over-parenting them.

What teens wish their parents knew about depression from Erika's Lighthouse.

Teens discuss depression, what it is and what you can do about it.

Learn more about Social Emotional Learning and why it i so important.

Author Catherine Steiner-Adair explains the affects that technology is having on child development.

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