Past BStrong Together Parent Coffees

"Vaping 101" Parent Coffee
Monday, January 22nd
9:30 - 11:00 am
Barrington Campus Life Center
150 S. Lageschulte

Traditional cigarette usage has fallen among teens nearly 23% over the past 40 years, but more than 2 million middle and high schoolers are now using e-cigarettes, or "vaping." According to the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force, rates of vaping in Barrington, Lake Zurich, and Wauconda are 3 times that of other communities in Lake County.

"According to the U.S. Surgeon General, six out of 10 teens believe that using e-cigarettes causes only 'a little' or 'some' harm, as long as they don’t vape daily. But that’s not true, and the risks range from the physical to the psychological.

In teens, nicotine is more addictive and can mess with the brain’s hardwiring, leading to mood disorders and permanent impulse control. Plus, e-cigarette smokers are four times more likely to become traditional cigarette smokers. On top of these concerns, e-cigarettes can also be used as a delivery system for marijuana and other drugs." (ref: Your Teen For Parents)

Join BStrong Together, parents, and community members as we learn the basics of vaping and e-cigarettes.  Lake County Health Department Community Specialist Danielle Ryan, Barrington High School Deans Jennifer Robinson and Joe Molloy will be joined by Barrington Police Department Sargent Keith Wrzala to educate the community and answer questions about this dangerous new trend that is becoming increasingly popular in both middle and high schools nationwide.

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"The Self-Motivated Kid" Book Discussion
Thursday, January 18th
9:30 - 11:00 am
Barrington Area Library

Join us for an informal discussion with other parents as we prepare for Dr. Shimi Kang's visit to Barrington High School at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 30th to present "The Self-Motivated Kid: Raising Healthy, Happy Kids in This Modern World".     

Dr. Kang offers practical advice on how to foster children’s own internal drive and a lifelong love of learning. Steering away from the pushy “tiger” and the passive/permissive "jellyfish" parenting models, Dr. Kang proposes that parents emulate the highly social dolphin and focus on maintaining balance in their children’s lives to gently yet authoritatively guide them toward lasting health, happiness, and success. Her second book, The Self-Motivated Kid, provides a guide to the art and science of encouraging children to develop their own internal drive and a lifelong love of learning and was awarded the 2015 USA Book News International Book Award for Parenting and Family.

At our book discussion, we will talk about Dr. Kang's approach to raising children and discuss questions such as:

  • Which of Dr. Kang's messages resonates with you?
  • What ideas or approaches are new to you and which do you hope to try to implement?
  • What challenges do we face trying to implement her ideas?
  • What are you hoping to learn more about during her presentation on January 30th?
  • How can we support each other? 

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Balancing the Achievement Treadmill
Wednesday, November 1st
9:30 - 11:00 am
Barrington Area Library Meeting Room

Barrington High School Counselor Joan Bell facilitates a panel discussion to help parents of elementary/middle school children pave the way for a love of learning rather than a grade-driven mindset. Our hope is to empower parents to establish effective strategies that celebrate their child as an independent, resilient, internally motivated, and emotionally healthy individual/student.

Discussion will include developing and maintaining a healthy balance between school/co-curricular activities and allowing for the unencumbered joy of being a child. 

Our Barrington High School panel members will include:

  • Heath McFaul - Assistant Principal
  • Joan Bell - School Counselor 
  • Jill Argall - School Counselor
  • Sophie Frueh - School Nurse
  • Sarah Pulaski - School Psychologist
  • Amy Winkelman - Student Assistance Program Coordinator

The panel of Barrington High School faculty will share scenarios regarding students they work with on a daily basis who lack the skill set for independent academic success, struggle with emotional challenges, and have a negative attitude about school due to excessive academic expectations. Suggestions will include how to manage the realities of a competitive academic environment while recognizing the needs of the developing child/adolescent.

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Tech Talk for Parents
Wednesday, October 11th
9:30 - 11:00 am
Barrington Area Library Meeting Room

Join Mandy Burbank, LCSW from AMITA Health/Alexian Brothers Behavior Health as we discuss the intersection of technology, social media, child development, and parenting.

Mandy will bring her expertise as a licensed clinical social worker to discuss how technology interacts with the social and emotional development of children and how we can use that information to inform our parenting.  She will also discuss the latest trends, updates to social media sites, and the safety concerns such as Snapchat's new feature that lets anyone see your child's location.

Parents will leave the presentation with helpful information about child development and technology, as well as tips for managing your child's technology use that you can apply in your own family.

To view the Power Point presentation slides from this Parent Coffee, click on the link below.

Helping Your Child Through Tough Times
Thursday, September 28th
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Barrington Area Library Meeting Room

Join BStrong Together, Rita Rippentrop (Executive Director of Barrington Youth and Family Services) and Anne Gulotta (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Board Member, Co-Chair of the AFSP High School and Middle School Outreach Committee, and past Board Member of HERE in Barrington) as we view the AFSP film "More Than Sad" with facilitated conversation with Rita and Anne.

"More Than Sad" teaches parents to see the signs of teen depression and other mental health issues, ways to initiate a conversation with your child about their mental health, and how to get help.

To view the Power Point presentation slides from this Parent Coffee, click on the link below.

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