Our Vision

A community that collaborates to provide programs and resources to support parents and others in raising happy, healthy, resilient, responsible, adaptable, self-sufficient, and self-aware youth.

Our Values

We value wellness of the whole person.  A well individual is prepared to handle the stress and emotions of life.  A whole person strives to live a balanced life and to make conscious decisions on how to spend their time.

We value a healthy mind.  Well individuals continue to grow throughout their lives.  Healthy people respect themselves and have a positive sense of self-worth.  They are open-minded, curious, and resilient. 

We value a healthy body.  Healthy individuals practice moderation.  A healthy person exercises regularly, eats a balanced diet and has good sleep habits. 

We value spirit. Spirit is defined by the individual. Spirit can include a connection to something greater than yourself or the non-physical essence of a person. 

We value healthy relationships and connections.  In healthy relationships, individuals respect each other, value differences and diversity, listen intently, and demonstrate empathy.  Community is built on connections among individuals, neighbors, groups and organizations.

We value acceptance and authenticity and strive to honor the uniqueness of each individual. 

We value diversity.  In a healthy community everyone is respected and valued and no one feels marginalized or silenced because of their culture, religious affiliation, race, sexuality, gender identity, ability, or socio-economic status. 

We value honesty and awareness.  Healthy communities, families and individuals recognize the issues we face and create a plan to address them.  We realize where we fall short or hide issues. We recognize and discuss complex subjects including mental illness, racism, sexism, and gender and sexual minorities.

We value wellness skills.  Well individuals use good decision-making and stress management skills, as well as healthy coping skills to manage life’s challenges and stressors.  This includes a responsible use of substances. 

Enhancing the health and well-being of our community's children and youth in mind, body, and spirit.

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