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We’re bringing advice from local experts to the community through our new Lunch & Learn series.

Upcoming Events

** See our past Lunch & Learn event video recordings in the section below the upcoming events. **

Living Lightly: Reframing & Changing Our Internal Messaging to Live Lighter

Tuesday, July 30th, 2024
12:00 pm
via Zoom


Grab your lunch and join us as we we welcome Jen Frey – Master Life Coach and founder of Jen Frey Coaching in Barrington – to learn how we can reframe our thoughts and experiences in order to change the way that we talk to and about ourselves and live a lighter life.

Managing Screen Time in Children & Teens

Tuesday, August 27th, 2024
12:00 pm
via Zoom


Grab your lunch and join us as we we welcome Dr. Rupal Upadhyay, a Board-Certified Pediatrician in private practice with Associates in Pediatrics who will share tips and strategies for how to keep screen time manageable and productive for your family.

Past Event Recordings

We had a great time at our first event in our new Lunch & Learn series – Supporting Your High School Senior – with local college consultant Laura Horak and therapist Elisa Tessier and executive director Betsy Wintringer from Barrington Youth & Family Services.

Our conversation focused on how parents can:

  • support their high school senior as they  strive to finalize plans for their post-high school experience,
  • help kids navigate the stress and anxiety of the final weeks of school including final tests, saying goodbye, and emotions around endings and separations,
  • support our kids as they begin the transition to the next chapter of their life.

Be sure to check out the lightening round of advice from our experts at the end of the video – it’s terrific!

We were honored to welcome therapist BrittanySalvatore, LCPC, from Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness for the second event in our new Lunch & Learn series to talk about how to strengthen your family’s ability to overcome challenges and thrive.

Our conversation focused on:

  • What resilience is.
  • How you develop resilience.
  • Essential skills to practice resilience.
  • Ways to support your children in building their resilience.
  • Growth mindset and the power of “yet”.

For our third Lunch & Learn series event, we were honored to welcome psychotherapist, national mental health speaker, and founder of Affective Counseling in Barrington – Catherine (Katie) Ness LCPC – to talk about how anxiety can spread much like a virus and practical advice on how to reduce its impact.

 Our conversation focused on:

  • What is contagious anxiety?
  • How to improve your understanding of anxiety and its social dynamics.
  • Strategies for coping and reducing the spread of anxiety in various settings. Insights and tools to help manage and mitigate the effects of contagious anxiety as well as how to seek help.
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