Drugs & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol awareness and prevention are an important component of BStrong Together’s mission to enhance the health and well-being of our community’s children and youth in mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that with the proper information, support from family, clear messaging about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and our values, and strategies for saying “no” and getting out of a difficult situation, that young people are capable of making good decisions that are in the best interests of their futures.

On our BStrong Together website you will find lots of information about drugs and alcohol – the dangers, the impact, the reasons why teens should say ‘no”, and the strategies to help them make healthy choices.

FOR PARENTS – check out our 10 Tips to Keep Kids Alcohol & Drug-Free handout; read about what you need to know about drugs and alcohol; tips for talking to your children at different stages of their development; strategies to help your child say “NO!” to drugs and alcohol in a situation where they are present; what you can do to help guide your children as they learn to navigate the challenges of adolescence; myths and facts about drugs, alcohol and marijuana; marijuana and the effect that it has on the teenage brain; our FAQ section with frequently asked questions about drugs and alcohol and the answers; and our efforts to reduce underage drinking in our community through our Sticker Shock campaign in partnership with Broncos Committed students at Barrington High School, the Barrington Police Department and Advocate Aurora Good Shepherd Hospital. See the resources below for lots of great information and support.

Additionally, be sure to check out our critical information about fentanyl, including our What You Need to Know About Fentanyl video and more HERE.

Most importantly, remember – the most influential person and the most frequent reason why teens say no is because of YOU! Research clearly shows strong parental disapproval is the number one reason teens choose not to drink alcohol and when teens were asked to rank the major influences in their lives, they place parents first and family second, before their friends and other influences.

If your teen is going to parties for prom and/or graduation, check out our Top 10 Tips for Parents During Prom & Graduation Season (en Espanol).

If you are hosting tween and/or teen gatherings, be sure to check out our Safe Party Tips (en Espanol). 

If you believe that your child might have a problem with drugs and alcohol, see the links below for important information and resources.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, click HERE for help.

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