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When talking with your children and teens about important topics, it’s essential to remember that it isn’t just one 60-minute conversation. It’s 60 one-minute conversations, sharing your family values and teaching these lifelong lessons, that make the difference.

The research is clear – strong parental disapproval is the NUMBER ONE reason teens give for why they chose not to drink.  It is important to set clear expectations about alcohol, share your family values, explain the risks and establish a code word that your teen can text or say to you over the phone if they find themselves in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable. Make an agreement in advance that no matter what, if they give you the code word, you will come to help – no questions asked.

Check out these helpful resources from BStrong Together as you prepare to talk with your children about alcohol and underage drinking:

  • To learn more about how to talk to your children of all ages about drugs and alcohol, click here.
  • Visit our What You Should Know webpage for important information that parents should know about alcohol and underage drinking.
  • For tips to help parents keep their teens alcohol and drug-free, check out our What Parents Can Do to Help Prevent Drug & Alcohol Use webpage.
  • It can be hard for tweens and teens to say “no” to their friends and peers.  Being prepared and knowing strategies for how to handle the situation can help.  Click here for some refusal techniques that tweens and teens can use to say “no” to alcohol and drugs. 
  • For suggestions on how to get started talking about difficult subjects with children of all ages, check out our BStrong Together blog post Talking With Kids About Difficult Topics.
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