Parenting is a constant learning experience.  Just when we get confident with one stage, our kids move into a new one.   Your son happily runs into preschool after weeks of crying the minute you turn leave, but now suddenly decides only to eat hot dogs and broccoli (really, broccoli?).  Your shy daughter finally finds a group of friends in second grade, only explain to you that “everyone” has their own phone when they turn 8 - is that true?  The child that shared everything about middle school - from her first crush to all the girl drama at the lunch table - turns into a hermit as a freshman in high school, spending all her time in her room. How do you get her to be part of the family again?

Don't worry! Whether it's big issues like bullying, underage drinking, disordered eating, or helping support your child with anxiety and depression, or every day challenges like how to build stronger connections within your family, helpful parenting practices, calm-down strategies to use with an upset child, or how to find local resources for support, BStrong Together is here to help.

 There are many ways to get advice and support for the parenting issues we face.  

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  • Find a group of friends with children of a similar age to confide in and share ideas on parenting challenges.
  • Turn to a friend whose kids are a few years older and have the perspective of being ‘on the other side’ of the challenges you face today.

BStrong Together offers a variety of content under our "FOR PARENTS" button above for you to explore.  In addition, we host Parent Coffees and discussions on parenting topics throughout the year - bringing together experts and parents to educate and create community.  Bookmark our website for upcoming events and check it periodically, or subscribe to our email list. Some people want more detail or expert opinions, so diving into a topic or issue through books or websites is another option.  BStrong Together has compiled a list of popular parenting books and websites on our Parenting Resources page and our Reading List for Adults page. If you have suggestions to our list, please email us at

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